Dr. Andrew Wakefield Interview
by Mike Adams

The Cost of Conducting Politically Unpopular Science

Mike Adams' video of his Andrew Wakefield interview is compelling. Finally, an interviewer gives Dr. Wakefield a chance to talk! Dr. Wakefield explains what really happened, and why the British Medical Journal's and Brian Deer's accusations against him are false.

In this approximately 25-minute interview, Dr. Andrew Wakefield also explains clearly why the British Medical Journal has published false accusations against him.

He also exposes free-lance journalist's Deer's unethical journalistic practices by which he used deceit, including a false identity, to gain entrance into the home of a sick child.

If you'd like to read some of the documents pointing to Dr. Wakefield's innocence, here are some links:

No Fraud. No Hoax. Here's Proof. (pdf document, 7 pages)

Statement by Dr. Wakefield: Uncovered Documents Prove There Was No Fraud in Lancet Case Series.
British Medical Journal and Sunday Times author Brian Deer misrepresent facts in latest articles wrongly accusing Dr. Wakefield of altering clinical histories of autistic children.

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