Cell Phone Dangers for Children:
What You Don't Know Could
Kill Your Child

This 8-minute video explains some cell phone dangers for children as well as health effects associated with cell phone use, especially for young people and pregnant women. It also notes similarities between cigarette smoking and cell phone use. A must see for teenagers and parents.

Websites recommended by Dr. Magda Havas, PhD about cell phone dangers for children:


United States

  • ElectromagneticHealth.org represents citizens concerned about the proliferation of wireless technologies and their impact on health, and provides a wealth of information for those seeking answers.

United Kingdom

  • RadiationResearch.org Here you can download a report released by the International EMF Collaborative entitled "Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone". You can also read what scientists and physicians have to say about the report.
  • WiredChild.org We all enjoy the convenience mobile technology gives us but there may be serious health risks, especially for children. WiredChild will help you reduce the risks from using mobile phones, cordless phones, wi-fi and other wireless products.


  • EMFacts.com was established in 1997 as an independent source of information on the possible health and safety issues arising from human exposure to Electromagnetic Energy (EME).

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