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Protesters rally in South Tampa against proposed cell phone tower 
Approximately two dozen people, many wearing yellow t-shirts calling out Democratic House District 57 candidate Stacy Frank, protested in a South Tampa …

Cell Phone Towers Right Outside My Son's Bedroom! 
I live very very close to two mobile antennae. The first one is circa 25 meters away from my son's bedroom, and the second one is approx 60 meters away. …

First Law in U.S. Aimed at Warning Cell Phone Users of Dangers 
Kudos to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for passing the first law in the U.S. intended to help citizens (otherwise known as consumers, but actually …

India targets illegal cell phone towers 
Authorities in the Indian capital have launched a crackdown on mobile-phone antenna towers illegally placed atop hospitals, schools and homes in residential …

City residents oppose cellphone towers  
Not all Namibians are aware of the dangers of Base Transmitter Stations (BTS) and as a result have unknowingly been exposed to cancer, fertility impairment …

Solicitor joins fight on tower 
OPPONENTS of a 60m mobile phone tower planned for Tangambalanga are taking their fight to the chief executive of Telstra. A letter-writing campaign directed …

Antennas on Apartment in Vancouver, BC (2003)  
Cellular antennas on Apartment buildings in Vancouver BC. Not only are they close to residents, but also other residents. Vancouver City Hall permitted …

Cell Phone Antennas on Apartment Rooftops and their Health Effects  
This video will hopefully be an encouragement to those who are suffering from electrohypersensitivity. It's real and the effect of electromagnet radiation …

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