Cell Phone Safety Presentations

These Cell Phone Safety presentations offer recommendations based on scientific research and backed by top scientists and researchers in the field of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) safety.

Presented in simple to understand language, including the references and sources, these slide shows are perfect to use in the classroom, youth groups, town meetings or just at home to share with those you love and care about.

This safety issue is already a major concern and will become an even greater concern in the months and years to come. As more and more of the population of the world become aware of the dangers, greater pressure will be exerted on the governments and cell phone companies to change their policies.

But don't wait until they do. You have to do something yesterday! Share these presentations with everyone you can. They contain important information that can save lives.

Cell Phone Safety, Part 1: Recommendations

Cell Phone Safety, Part 2: Nutritional Recommendations

Natural Health Strategies Personal Nutritional Recommendations

In response to those who asked us where they can get the two supplements mentioned in the presentation above, here is the information.

Read about the omega 3 marine oil that we have personally been using for the last year with fantastic results. The more research that comes out, the more convinced we are that having a pure, natural source of omega 3 oils is essential to good immune system health.

Read Moxxor Introduction for a rundown on the basics of the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant all natural supplement.

There is also a lot of information here in this FAQ.

The other supplement we recommend is Vitamin C. We use is sodium ascorbate powder and not ascorbic acid. We purchase from www.iHerb.com and pay between US$13 to US$14 per pound. That's 454 one gram doses which means the cost per dose is less than three cents!

Below is the cell phone head set that we use when using the speakerphone isn't appropriate. This newer model is superior and we highly recommend it. Just be sure to get ferrite beads as well. They filter out the EMR from moving up the wire from the phone.

If you are going to use the RF3 headset, you should consider getting the ferrite beads to keep the EMR from traveling up the wire from the cell phone. You can read all about them here. These small beads help to reduce your exposure to dangerous EMR.

Download here the Ossining Citizens for a Safe Environment pdf file here. Lots of good information with all the references and sources.

Cell Phone Safety, Part 3: Lifestyle Recommendations will be coming out very soon. To be sure you have access to this one when it comes out as well as all the Natural Health Strategies presentations, just be sure you are signed up for our newsletter Natural Health News You Can Use filling out the form below.

News Alert

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, says that there are three possible dangers of long term cell phone use according to recently released studies. These dangers are:
  • Decreased Male Fertility
  • Increased Cancer Risk
  • Behavioral Problems in Children

A recent study conducted in Sweden revealed that children and teenagers who use cellphones have five times the risk of getting brain cancer. Professor Lennart Hardell, leader of the study, said that “people who started mobile phone use before the age of 20” had more than five times the incidence of glioma, which is cancer of the glial cells that support the central nervous system.


This presentation is shared for educational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice.

It is not known with certainty what levels (if any) of exposure to EMR our bodies can take without negative health effects. Obviously, we cannot and do not claim that following these recommendations to simply reduce levels of exposure will necessarily spare you from developing some kind of health challenge related to EMR. What we do know is that even small doses of EMR affect the human body on a cellular level. It seems wise, then, to exercise the greatest possibledegree of caution.

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