False Testimony: Wakefield's Accusers Accused of Lying at GMC Proceeding

An amended complaint alleging that prosecution witnesses gave false testimony at Wakefield's GMC proceeding was filed before the U.K. General Medical Council (GMC) on October 28, 2009.

Lawyers acting on the behalf of 21 autism and vaccine safety advocacy organizations formally accused 5 witnesses for the prosecution of giving false testimony on the two core issues (alleged conflicts of interest and unethical research) in the proceeding against Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

The lawyers asked the GMC to dismiss the complaints against Dr. Andrew Wakefield and two colleagues, and to launch an investigation of five witnesses for the prosecution:

  • Professor Sir Michael Llewellyn Rutter, accused of giving false expert testimony in the hearing and of failing to disclose a serious conflict of interest that should have disqualified him from testifying against Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues, among other allegations
  • Dr. Richard Charles Horton, editor in chief of The Lancet
  • Dr. David Maxwell Salisbury
  • Dr. Arie Jeremy Zuckerman, and
  • Dr. Michael Stuart Pegg

The formal accusations filed against these doctors, witnesses for the prosecution in the GMC proceeding, include

  • breach of duty of honesty and candor
  • false testimony
  • misuse of professional position
  • failure to disclose conflicting interest, and
  • false expert testimony

The lawyers filing the complaint alleging that witnesses for the prosecution against Dr. Wakefield gave false testimony state in that complaint:

The false testimony on the two core issues (alleged conflicts of interest and unethical research) has irrevocably corrupted the proceeding against Drs. Wakefield, Walker-Smith, and Murch, and deprived them of a fair hearing.

The objective documentary evidence demonstrates that Dr. Wakefield did not have a disclosable financial conflict; that Dr. Horton (Lancet Editor) was well aware of Dr. Wakefield’s participation in MMR litigation, suppressed that knowledge from the public, and then feigned surprise six years later in order to shift 'blame' for publication of the controversial article to Dr. Wakefield; and that the Ethics Committee had approved the taking of additional biopsies by colonoscopy well before any of the 12 Lancet children were examined.

We call upon the GMC to immediately dismiss the complaints against Dr. Wakefield, Walker-Smith, and Murch and begin an appropriate investigation against Drs. Horton, Zuckerman, Salisbury, Pegg, and Rutter.

Count V alleges that Dr. Salisbury has seriously misled the public by making unsupported claims regarding MMR safety.

Dr. Salisbury's claim that MMR has an 'exemplary' record of safety is unfounded and misleading.

Two of the three brands of MMR have been withdrawn for safety reasons.

He has misused his official position by attempting to discredit and silence Dr. Wakefield and others who have a moral and ethical duty, and a right of free speech, to criticize the safety of MMR.

Count VI alleges that he has also concealed material information relating to the safety of MMR from the public.

While Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues Drs. Simon Murch John Walker-Smith are today carrying the obvious personal and public brunt of this deliberate dishonesty and perfidy, it is all of us--but especially the children who have suffered and those who will yet suffer, and their families--whose rights to truth and health have been infringed upon!

As the complaint states, "The false testimony and the ensuing GMC FTP hearing have had the effect of delaying necessary research into cause and treatment for autism, and dissuading scientists from pursuing research relating to vaccines as a cause of chronic disease.

The ultimate victims of this false testimony are children whose autism could have been prevented or more effectively treated."

There is much to comment on in the complaint, but we'll leave you with one last quote from the complaint and suggest that if you have any interest at all in vaccine safety or health freedom, you read it yourself.

The pdf file can be read or downloaded, among other places, Age of Autism.

The False Testimony Has Fatally Infused this FTP Hearing.

The allegations of false and misleading testimony are directly relevant to the core charges before the Panel.

Not only did Dr. Wakefield have no duty under the then-applicable disclosure standard, it was actually Dr. Horton that concealed Dr. Wakefield's participation in the MMR litigation, only to later feign ignorance to shift blame to a scapegoat for all the 'unpleasantness' surrounding the debate over MMR safety.

The research aspects of the biopsies on the Lancet children had in fact been approved by the Ethics Committee as Project 162-95.

Professor Rutter could not have honestly believed that Dr. Wakefield violated a disclosure obligation because he did not disclose his own much more extensive participation as an expert in defense of the vaccine industry in several papers.

More generally, it will be impossible for the Panel to distill any remaining bits of honest testimony because the false testimony has been so pervasive and has infected the core subjects of this inquiry. . . . [T]he FTP proceeding has been irreparably tainted by false testimony.

The pdf file can be read or downloaded, among other places, Age of Autism.


Age of Autism

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