Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus in Food Court Spreads Christmas Joy

This exuberant flash mob Hallelujah Chorus, sung by Chorus Niagara at the food court at Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario, has to be the best thing to happen in a food court in a long time. Last time I checked, it's been seen by 15 million people. What an innovative way to spread Christmas joy and the true meaning of Christmas! The message is unmistakable in the words of the Hallulujah Chorus, which are taken directly from the Bible.

May You Have a Joyous Christmas and Happy, Harmonious New Year!

Flash Mob Sings Hallelujah Chorus at Food Court for Christmas from Michael Brown on Vimeo.

Also compelling to note is George Fridric Handel's situation at the time he composed the oratorio of which the Hallelujah Chorus is a part. Handel was in debt, and according to many accounts, depressed when he composed Messiah. He had faced many setbacks and much criticism and controversy in his musical career. Yet he completed the 260-page Messiah in 24 days. It's a good thing he wasn't on anti-depressant drugs! Imagine--if he had been, the world probably never would have known this ineffably beautiful musical account of the birth, sacrifice, and triumphant future reign of the Messiah.

And after all, isn't that what Christmas is all about?

True to the spirit of Christmas, Handel donated much of the proceeds from the debut performance at Dublin, as well as the proceeds of many other performances, to charities, including orphanages.

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