The Fluoride Deception (VIDEO) by Christopher Bryson

In this interview Christopher Bryson, author of "The Fluoride Deception," declares, "Fluoride 'science' is corporate 'science'. Fluoride science is DDT 'science'. It's asbestos 'science'. It's tobacco 'science'. It's a racket."

Fluoride and the Atomic Bomb? You've got to be kidding me!

Listen to this enlightening interview to find out what the connection is between the fluoridation of the public water supply and the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb dropped on Japan during World War II.

I'll give you a hint. Fluoride was necessary to enrich the uranium needed to make the bomb. And the success of the Atomic Energy Commission's projects was directly related to the fluoridation of drinking water from the very beginning.

Did you know ...

The safety standards for water fluoridation in the U.S. were based and are based on fradulant science.

The stories of the aluminum industry and fluoridation are braided very tight from the very inception.

"The present trend toward complete REMOVAL fo fluoride from water and food may need some reversal." Gerald Cox, l939 of the Mellon Institute. The Mellon Institute produced research showing asbestos was safe.

"Certainly, there has been more litigation on alleged damage to agriculture by flouride than all other pollutants combined." Dr. Leonard Weinstein, Cornell University, l983

"Airborne fluorides have caused more worldwide damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutant." US Department of Agriculture, 1970

Between 1957 and 1968 "fluoride was responsible fo rmore damage claims against industry than all twenty [nationally monitored aire pollutants] combined." Dr. Edward Groth, Senior Scientist, Comsumer Union

At the same time Dr. Harold Hodge, leading defender of water fluoridation, is injecting patients at the Rochester hospital with plutonium, he is also telling us that fluoride is safe in drinking water, what's the connection?

"Because of complaints that animals and humans have been injured by fluoride fumes in [the New Jersey] area... the University of Rochester is conducting experiements to determine the toxic effect of fluoride." Lt. Col. cooper B Rhodes to General Leslie Groves, May 2, 1946

"Information which would invite or tent to encourage claims against the Atomic Energy Commission or its contractors, such portions of articles to be published should be reworded or deleted." Atomic Energy Commission, Oct 8, 1947

"The documents indicate that the University of Rochester's fluoride research... was performed in anticipation of lawsuits against the bomb program for human injury. Studies undertaken for litigation purposes by the defendants would not be considered scientifically acceptable today, because of the inherent bias to prove the chemical safe." Jacqueline Kittrell, Public Interest Lawyer, 1997

Reviews of The Fluoride Deception:

"Bryson marshals an impressive amount of research to demonstrate fluoride’s harmfulness, the ties between leading fluoride researchers and the corporations who funded and benefi ted from their research, and what he says is the duplicity with which fluoridation was sold to the people. The result is a compelling challenge to the reigning dental orthodoxy, which should provoke renewed scientific scrutiny and public debate." - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"The arguments have raged for more than forty years, and in The Fluoride Deception, Christopher Bryson raises the stakes by reporting a great deal of relevant and often alarming research, and by telling a series of human stories... [A] thought-provoking and worthwhile book." - NATURE, "A Chemical Conspiracy?" March 17, 2005

"'The Fluoride Deception' reads like a whodunit. There are conspiracies, cover-ups, human casualties, and broken careers. The prime suspects in this toxic thriller are compounds of fluoride; the coconspirators represent industry, the military, and the public health community. At the book's ending, the suspect chemicals are not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but we are left with compelling evidence that powerful interests with high financial stakes have colluded to prematurely close honest discussion and investigation into fluoride toxicity." - CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS, "Is Fluoride Really All that Safe?", August 16, 2004

"Bryson has done some excellent research here. The book has Pulitzer Prize written all over it. He has taken things of which many of us were already aware, but added the crucial details, dotted all the i's, crossed all the t's. It is a sickening tale of industrial and governmental collusion to conceal from the public the dangers of fluoride pollution generated by so many industries as well as the nuclear program... No environmental activist with an ounce of intelligence or integrity could read this book and not be appalled.

The Fluoride Deception should become the basic text for those who would insist that science and integrity should inform public policy and that regulators should serve the public not the polluters." DR. PAUL CONNETT, Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network.

Who is Christopher Bryson?

Christopher Bryson is an award-winning investigative reporter and a television producer. He covered Guatemalan Army human rights abuses from Central America in the late 1980s for BBC World Service, National Public Radio and The Atlanta Constitution.

He was part of an investigative team which won a George Polk Award and Sidney Hillman Prize for Public Television's "The Kwitny Report". Bryson's reporting for The Manchester Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, Lingua Franca, and the BBC has included investigations of David Duke's Nazi past, NASA's nuclear payloads, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, and CIA links to Radio Free Europe.

In 1998 he was part of a team that won a National Headliner award for a History Channel documentary on the bombing of Pan Am flight 103.

He lives in New York City with his wife Molly and son Owen.

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