What are the effects of fluoride in your drinking water?

Danger-Fluoride Poison

If you live in an area that adds fluoride to the drinking water (or if somebody you care about does), please read this. There's also a link at the end of this article to a video by Fluoride Action Network with important information.

Do you know where the fluoride added to drinking water comes from? You might assume it's a purified, pharmaceutical-grade substance.

It isn't.

The fluoride added to drinking water is toxic waste. It is the 'scrubber liquor' that is a byproduct of the fertilizer industry. It is is called hydrofluosilicic acid--one of the main toxic chemicals used to fluoridate water in the U.S.

You can check out the label for hydrofluosilicic acid at the top of this page. Notice the skull and crossbones? The "DANGER POISON" warning? Below that is the warning "DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY".

"How on earth did that end up in my water?" you might ask.

Well, the fertilizer industry had a problem with the toxic byproduct they produced. This toxic waste used to go out of their smokestacks and into the air. But then they weren't allowed to put it in the air anymore, because it is an air pollutant.

They weren't allowed to let it run into the local river, either. It is a water pollutant.

They were, however--and still are--allowed to put it into tanker trucks in its raw, unpurified, untreated state and sell it to water authorities to put into your drinking water. In the truck somehow, as if by magic, this untreated toxic waste byproduct becomes simply a 'product' destined for your body via your drinking water.

By now you may be asking, "But if fluoride is a toxic pollutant, does it really belong in my body?"

Good question. It doesn't belong in mine, and I don't think it belongs in anybody's.

Or you might be thinking, "But all those dentists and dentists' professional associations can't be wrong...can they?"

Fluoride Action Network's video production Professional Perspectives, a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project, examines this and other aspects of fluoride and its effects that we believe everyone should be aware of.

It answers important questions about fluoride, such as

  • Do countries that fluoridate their water have less tooth decay?
  • How much are we ingesting?
  • Does fluoride have side effects?
  • Do most countries fluoridate their water?

It also explains how fluoride affects the thyroid (possibly also contributing to depression), makes bones brittle, and causes aching joints and other symptoms that mimic arthritis. It's very possible that many people diagnosed with arthritis (and an astounding one-third of adult Americans have been diagnosed with some type of arthritis) may actually be suffering from fluoride toxicity.

One of the most disturbing effects of fluoride is its interference with basic functions of nerve cells in the brain. There is growing evidence that intake may lower children's IQ and damage the brain.

What on earth is this poison doing in our water? Do you want it in yours and your children's?

Environmental chemist Dr. Paul Connett sums up fluoridated water succintly: "It is unethical; it's unnecessary; it's ineffective. It's dangerous."

If you think fluoride is reducing tooth decay, you really need to see this video produced by Fluoride Action Network. In only 28 minutes, concerned health professionals--scientists, dentists, chemists, and others--explain important aspects of fluoride that your dentist probably never told you, and maybe doesn't even know him- or herself.

Please take the time to watch this important video.

More videos and articles on the dangers of fluoride

The Fluoride Deception, video from award-winning investigative reporter and television producer Christopher Bryson.

Video interview with Dr. Paul Connett on the history of water fluoridation, the collusion of major industries to put certified toxic waste into your drinking water, and why government health authorities refuse to conduct scientific studies into the dangers of fluoridation. You will never look at tap water the same way after watching this video.

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