Rap Warning for All:
Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age by Trillion

Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age

Here are the lyrics:

Its like the hissing of pots and the cooking of cells
Twisting in knots, like the book of the kells.

Its the clotting of minds. Its a fight with the heart
The rotting of time, it's the light and the dark.
More than plain rumor, its a brain tumor state.
My strains duplicate. Pains accumulate.
Mutation awaits. The death wish of all cells
Its the personal assistant with all whistles and bells
Started off with a clock, to replace the wrist watch.
Then a torch, radio, camera, in case the cyst pops

Now we can send clips off from cliff tops to inbox.
And a satellite locator, in place to assist cops
It's the all in one ultimate modern go go gadget
That is why we never leave it behind - its oh so magic
And oh no tragic - the toy has declared you hexxed
Five hundred thousand brain tumors a year - Who's next?

Breaker breaker one nine
We've made the same mistake for some time
My dome is splitting - its a bleak disease
Cuz my phones emitting these frequencies

Danger. Danger. Beware.
They've known the risk has always been there
My free minutes are used - my minds left numb
Three tumors removed now I'm blind deaf and dumb

I have sleepless nights and sty in my eye
Who's gonna own up to this fly in the pie?
Our government's plan is to leave us high and dry
And the FDA policy is to lie and deny.
It goes In one ear - but not out the other.
I acquired Alzheimer's and I doubt I'll recover.

Who's responsible for the wear and tear on my brain.
I know that I'm here but they declare me insane.
I phoned there to complain but was wasting my time.
On hold for an hour and I'm still eighth in the line. (ouch)
It radiates all the time - a razor slice day and night.
EMF is worse than ultraviolet rays of light,
Melting the runway of ice before our maiden flight.
I'm one cat trading life with a plague of mice.
We're not brave, were vague and afraid to fight.
We've turned gray and face paler than a shade of white.
David Icke gave us sight, light and great advise.
But who's gonna save the children of the neighbors wife,
When they bake alive they'll conjor up a wild excuse.
Giving cellphones to a kids is just child abuse.
We think it's all fine with our extra talk time,
But phone credit is suicide - next to chalk lines.
It's death, it's war crime - genocide - a walk by,
A fork in right eye. You're an egg and pork pie.
Half the world has a cellphone - that's over 3 billion.
Don't call me - I wont answer — but you can call me trillion.

Breaker. Breaker. One. Nine.
We've made the same mistake for some time.
My dome is splitting - its a bleak disease,
And vodafone is committing indecencies.

Danger. Danger. Beware.
They've known the risk has always been there.
My free minutes are used - my minds left numb.
Three tumors removed now I'm blind, deaf, and dumb.

Hands up - Who uses blue tooth?
Tesearch the truth or you're a few screws loose.
You may as well do a head stand today in a bed pan,
You're a dead man talking - a grenade in ya left hand.
We're falling down the ladders of a nation of snakes.
The patron of saints can't heal impatient mistakes.
Awake to the waning of the birds and bees.
It's the realm of EMFs that are murdering these.
It's an industry blinded by senseless greed.
A centipede that stings us with endless fees.
Damage occurs even with the shortest of use.
Phone makers want insurance but insurers refuse.
It's dirty business, providers have death on their books.
They provide us with lies - the usual method of crooks.
Their advertising is all based on sensation,
The flags are rising on this plague to end nations.
Your cellphone is harmful. There's proof by induction,
Causing nerve-cell, blood-cell and DNA destruction.
This epidemic has only begun.
You should recognize your phone is the smoking gun.

This song, "Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age", should make us stop and think, and reflect. What are our kids to think, if we don't warn them.

If we don't tell them the facts and present them with the information they need to make informed choices, who will we blame?

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