Natural Cancer Cures: An Interview with Charlotte Gerson by Mike Adams

Are you looking for natural cancer cures? Do you know someone who has cancer? If so, this is a must-listen interview.

Dr. Max Gerson is known around the world as the father of natural cancer cures. Through his innovative and far-ahead-of-his-time natural healing therapies, many tens of thousands of people have cured their own cancers going all the way back to the 1930's.

Today, the daughter of Dr. Gerson, Charlotte Gerson, carries the torch for the Gerson Therapy and the Gerson Institute.

Join Mike Adams of and Charlotte Gerson of The Gerson Institute (as featured in 'Food Matters') in this fascinating interview about the history of mainstream oppression against cancer cures and leading anti-cancer doctors.

This goes all the way back to the Nazis, IG Farben and the history of pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, which were implicated in the chemical torture of concentration camp prisoners.

This is a must-listen interview for anyone suffering from cancer. If you know of someone who has cancer, you might consider sending them this link. It could be just what they are looking for and need.

Interview by Mike Adams (

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