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Christmas Giving
The spirit of Christmas giving can last all year long, and I want to make that happen in my life! In these heartwarming stories of Christmas giving, a wise grandma, her grandson, and some truck stop regulars became angels in disguise. Who needs you this Christmas, and in the year to come?

It's a Wonderful Life!
"It's a Wonderful Life" star Jimmy Stewart described the film like this: "It's simply about an ordinary man who discovers that living each ordinary day honorably, with faith in God and a selfless concern for others, can make for a truly wonderful life."

Teenage Depression Linked to Inadequate Sleep
A study found a much lower rate of teenage depression in adolescents whose parents set their bedtimes before 10 o'clock, compared to their peers who went to bed after midnight.

Health Freedom and Educational Freedom
Just as we believe in health freedom, and are concerned about the serious inroads which are eroding that freedom and threaten to erode it even more, we also believe in educational freedom. Home schooling is one of the most obvious expressions of educational freedom.

Ben Carson, and the Mother Behind the Man
One of 24 siblings, half of whom she never knew, Ben Carson's mother Sonya grew up in foster homes until the tender age of thirteen--the youngest you can be and yet be called a teenager. At thirteen she married a man who called her his "china doll" and some years later had two sons.

href="" title="Being Near Nature Improves Physical, Mental Health"> Being Near Nature Improves Physical, Mental Health
Nature improves health study says. The closer you live to nature, the healthier you're likely to be.

href="" title="7 Steps for Solving Problems"> 7 Steps for Solving Problems
When we give, we receive. Solving problems with love is possible. Read on.

href="" title="Susan Boyle's Inspirational Singing of I Dreamed a Dream"> Susan Boyle's Inspirational Singing of I Dreamed a Dream (Video)
Perhaps one of the best performances of I Dreamed a Dream by totally unknown singer, Susan Boyle.

href="" title="Looking Past Differences Can Make a Difference"> Looking Past Differences Can Make a Difference (Video)
Looking past their differences, this odd couple is a sample to us all.

href="" title="Arlene and Willis Hatch and the Legacy They Left"> Arlene and Willis Hatch and the Legacy They Left
What moved farmer Willis Hatch and his schoolteacher wife, Arlene, to save over one and half million dollars to spread among friends of all ages after their deaths, instead of spending it on themselves? (2008)

Two Little Boys Show Us How To Give
You will find these Christmas stories not only heartwarming, but motivating and inspirational. What could you do to give to someone in need? (2008)

Homeopathy in the News

Homeopathy Medicine Shines in Light of Two New Studies
Two new studies show that Lancet review of homeopathy medicine was enormously flawed and downright inaccurate. All high quality trials of homeopathy show positive outcomes.

Pharmaceutical Catastrophes

Big Bucks, Big Pharma, the Full Length Movie You Need to Watch
Big Bucks, Big Pharma exposes the insidious ways the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry uses, manipulates, and sometimes even creates illness for capital gain.

Psychotropic Drugs: What Modern Psychiatry Does to Children (Video)
Psychotropic drugs are being use by out-of-control psychiatric doctors on the children and youth with desasterous results. If you love children, watch this video.

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