NVIC Educates about Vaccines with New Online Video Series

The NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center), a truly admirable non-profit charitable educational organization dedicated to "advocating for the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the public health system," has launched a very helpful new online video health education program.

Called "Ask Nurse Vicky", the program features Vicky Debold, RN, PhD. Ms. Debold is volunteer Director of Research and Patient Safety for the National Vaccine Information Center. In NVIC's own words, the series was created by Debold to educate vaccine consumers about ways to minimize the risk to individuals for suffering a vaccine reaction.

The new series features Ms. Debold responding to queries about vaccination sent to NVIC, which has been receiving and responding to "letters and telephone calls from parents seeking more information about infectious diseases and vaccines and has provided networking support to those reporting vaccine reactions" since it was founded in 1982.

Here is the first in NVIC's "Ask Nurse Vicky" online educational video series.

We encourage you to watch the entire video, which is only about 12 minutes long. We also want to highlight just a few of the important points made in it.

As Vicky Debold states at the beginning of this NVIC public service video series, it is not intended to be medical advice. The series is meant as "guidance to help you better understand vaccine safety issues."

Ms. Debold emphasizes to the grandmother whose question she responds to, "The pediatrician's office should have provided you with an information sheet called the 'Vaccine Information Statement' before any vaccinations were given. That information sheet tells you about the vaccines and what reactions to monitor and report. Also, the pediatrician's office is required by law to record the manufacturer and the lot number of all vaccines administered. Your grandson's parents have a legal right to copies of his medical records."

The information Ms. Debold gives here is vitally important. Notice that you are supposed to be given this information sheet before the vaccination is administered. If you are not offered this sheet, we suggest you ask for it before allowing your baby or child (or yourself) to be given any vaccine.

We don't know how this works outside the U.S., but we think a wise course to take if you decide to vaccinate your child would be to find out about any legally required procedures prior to administering a vaccine. This means that if you are expecting a baby, you should do your homework well before the baby is due, since in many countries, if not most, vaccines are administered at birth or shortly thereafter as a matter of course, often without consulting the parents.

If there aren't any established procedures where you live, you could always bring your own information sheet with blanks for the person administering the vaccine to fill in the information before administering it.

We would like to reiterate the vital importance of thoroughly educating yourself about all aspects of the vaccine question before deciding whether or not to vaccinate, or which vaccines to allow. The The National Vaccine Information Center is an extremely reliable organization, and their site is a wonderful place to start educating yourself about vaccines.

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