Swine Flu Homeopathic Treatment

An Interview with Dr. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux

Homeopathic treatment for swine flu is the subject of this interview. Dr. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux, Professor of Homeopathy at UNIRIO (University of Rio de Janeiro) and vice-president of the Hahnemann Institute of Brazil, who developed a homeopathic formula for the prevention and treatment of dengue fever which has been tried and shown to be effective, has worked out the elements for a homeopathic treatment which she believes should be effective for the prevention and cure of swine flu (H1N1).

At the end of this page, you'll find the formula and an explanation of each of the elements used in it.

A message of optimism

Dr. Ana Teresa has a message of optimism for everyone: "Cultivate joy, get sunshine, let air and light enter your houses and minds and have confidence in homeopathy. There's nothing that can compare with our immune system when it is well stimulated, because it's ALIVE.

"[Keep in your] diet plenty of vegetables, fruit, ginger, garlic, citrus fruit, water, and coconut water. Avoid or manage stress."

What are the results of taking the homeopathic flu prevention formula?

Dr. Ana Teresa has already obtained results treating and preventing seasonal flu with a homeopathic formula she developed, as she has with her homeopathic formula for prevention and treatment of dengue fever.

"As I did with the dengue formula, every year at the end of May (almost the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere), I institute the seasonal flu prevention plan for those who work at the Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil (IHB) with Influenzinum 200 CH once a week. This is a medicine prepared from flu vaccine from the Instituto Pasteur.

"The seasonal flu prevention has been used for years with the employees at IHB, as well as with clients, family, etc.

"We've had good results. Our employees do not get the flu in spite of the fact that about one thousand people pass through the IHB every month, many of them in the outpatient facilities and the pharmacy who are sick with the flu, as well as UNIRIO students and post-graduate students.

"This year I decided to include Aviarium, since this flu attacks the lungs. These two remedies were taken by the employees and their families for six weeks, and no one got sick with any flu.

There is no risk in taking the 200CH potency only once a week, as I prescribed; it is even recommended for children who get frequent colds, or have had pneumonia, improving both appetite and immunity.

Has it been used by any patients yet?

Prevention of the seasonal flu has been tested for years, as the employees at IHB, their families, and clients, etc. have used it. This year I included Aviarium. The employees and their families took it for six weeks, and no one became ill.

As far as the treatment formula, I've been contacted by people with confirmed cases of the flu who had not taken the preventive formula, but who got well very quickly with the treatment formula. Others had symptoms but not laboratory confirmation, and they also had fast, excellent results with the treatment formula.

Does this homeopathic formula have an equivalent in allopathic medicine--for instance, Tamiflu, which is said to be 73% star anise?

This treatment and prevention is not at all comparable to Tamiflu. The homeopathic remedies are medicines diluted in centesimal potencies using the method devised by Samuel Hahnemann over two hundred years ago, and they do not combat the virus. It is the patient who combats the virus by the law of similars; that is, awakening in the patient an immunological response to the specific sickness.

What is the truth about how dangerous the swine flu is and who it mostly infects? And besides the suggested formula, what else should be done to prevent it?

There are certain groups of people in whom it will be more serious. These include people who have asthma; people with depressed immune systems, such as those who use such drugs as steroids, among others; anyone who is undernourished; people with AIDS; and pregnant women.

It is dangerous, since we live in large cities where we're in contact with hundreds of people every day. But please don't panic. Avoid closed, air conditioned areas, practice excellent hygiene, use alcohol gel, especially when you've touched money or doorknobs, or used public restrooms. Avoid eating food that's been sitting in display cases.

I also suggest that you do as those who live in India do--leave your shoes at the entrance of your house, and change into flip-flops, slippers, or shoes that are only used inside. If you put your outside shoes away in a closet, clean them with alcohol on a cloth or paper, especially the soles. The streets are very dirty.

Is the swine flu similar to the Spanish flu of the last century?

As far as the similarity to the Spanish flu, it's still conjecture. It's good to remember that at the time of the Spanish flue, the world was com ing out of a war, and there were millions of unburied bodies, at least for a time. A mental and economic depression hung like a black cloud over the people of the earth. Here in Rio, those who could went to their farms and stayed there for several months.

Antibiotics didn't exist, and pneumonia was rarely fatal.

However, homeopathy shone then when Gelsenium, a remedy for anxiety and fear as well as an excellent immune system stimulant against virus (which is one of the components of the anti-dengue fever formula), was used.

What did you base your research on to decide on this formula?

The formula was developed based on the symptoms reported in the media at the end of May, 2009:

  • Bryonia-intense pains in the body and joints, extreme weakness, knife-like pains in the lung, constant cough,difficulty breadthing, pneumonia
  • Aconitum-rapid onset, chills, intense thirst, sudden high fever, anxiety with fear of death
  • Belladonna-sore throat with dryness and redness, very high, continuous fever, congestive headache, irritability
  • Antimonium Tartaricum-pressure in the chest with cough and thick mucous that is difficult to expectorate, apathy, pneumonia
  • Baptisia-fever that rises rapidly, congestion of the face, extreme physical and mental weakness, general sensation of brokenness in the body, difficulty breathing, dyspnea ("air hunger"), chills in the back, feeling that the throat is going to close up, with difficulty swallowing liquids; there may be diarrheia.
  • Gelsemium--inflamed and infectious states with anxiety and fear, congestive headache, weak respiratory muscles with slow breathing, intense weakness, including muscular weakness

I believe this covers the symptoms presented in the media. Of course, there are more serious cases, with acute pulmonary edema, which the formula can prevent if it is taken at the onset of the first symptoms.

There are more specific remedies for pulmonary edema, but I did not think it necessary to include them in the above formula, which is intended for a patient who has not reached that stage of seriousness. In the case of a patient with pulmonary edema, the patient would need a prescription specifically for that, with other components which are not in the above formula.

Homeopathic Formulas for Prevention and Treatment of Flu

This formula is for adults and children of any age.

  1. Aviarium 200CH, 15 ml, alcohol at 70%
  2. Influenzium 200CH, 15ml, alcohol at 70% Take 8 drops with a little water, once a week, in the same week, but with one day's interval between one remedy and the other. Dilute the drops in a tablespoon of water. Leave for a few seconds under the tongue.

Duration of the preventative treatment: Do this for 6 weeks.

Flu Treatment

FORMULA: Aconitum napellus 5Ch / Antimonium tartaricum 5CH/ Bryonia 5CH / Belladonna 5 CH / Baptisia 3CH / Gelsemium 5Ch / aã / globules, 24g.

At the first flu sypmtoms, begin to take the formula. If there are CHILLS, take 4 globules every 15 minutes the first hour. Then take 4 globules once an hour, making the time between doses longer as the symptoms improve. While you have the flu, suspend the preventive formula.

Breastfed babies do not need to take the preventive formula. It's enough for the mother to take a little before breastfeeding; the effect will pass to the baby through the mother's milk.

For small babies who are not breastfed, the globules should be diluted in a small spoonful of water to make them easier to administer.

Older children can suck the globules.

PREGNANT WOMEN CAN AND SHOULD TAKE the formula, preferably in globules to avoid the alcohol. (1 globule=1 drop.) They can take the preventive formula, and if they get the flu, they can take the formula for treatment.

Diabetics should avoid the globules, since they are made with sucrose (cane sugar.)

Observations: The remedies should not be placed near computers, televisions, or cell phones.

The globules should be allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth.

People who can't drink any alcohol can take all the remedies in the form of globules.

1 drop = 1 globule.

I suggest taking vitamin C to strengthen immunity--for adults, 500 mg once a day. For children, consult a pediatrician.

Profa. Dra. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux
CRM-RJ: 5233019-0
Professor of Homeopathy at UNIRIO (University of Rio de Janeiro)
Vice-president of the Hahnemann Institute of Brazil

Disclaimer from the editors of Natural Health Strategies: The above formula and comments by Dr. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux are not intended to diagnose, treat, or heal any disease, nor are they approved by the FDA. We are reprinting the above information for educational purposes only.

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